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AVC provider (Prudential) ongoing service issues - update

10 Jun 2021

Following the news article on 24th May the Fund has received the attached letter from the Prudential.

AVC provider (Prudential) ongoing service issues

24 May 2021

The Fund is aware of ongoing service issues with Prudential - one of the AVC providers.

AVC provider Prudential closing Prudential UK Property S3 Fund

18 Apr 2021

One of the Fund AVC providers the Prudential have confirmed that they are closing their UK Property S3 fund (the “property fund”) with an effective date of 22 June 2021. They propose to move investments in the property fund to a multi-asset fund, the Prudential Dynamic Growth I S3 fund (“PDGI”). If you are invested in the property fund they will write to you to let you know about the change.

Pensions Increase 2021

14 Apr 2021

Read about the Pensions Increase award for 2021 - 0.5% payable with effect from 12th April