Local Pension Board

The Pension Board is a statutory body that has been put in place to support and assist the Pensions Committee in its decision making and management role.

The Board consists of an equal number of Employer and Employee (i.e. Trade Union) representatives and normally meets in conjunction with the Pensions Committee on a quarterly basis.     

Membership of the Board is as follows:   

The Pension Board
Title Forename Surname Representation Email Address
Mr Tony Caleary Union


Mr David Wilson Union dwilson@clacks.gov.uk
Mr Sandy Harrower Union sandy.m.h@hotmail.co.uk
Mr Simon Hunt (Chair)                       Employer simon.hunt@scottishautism.org
Mr Ed Morrison Employer


Mrs Jennifer Welsh Employer jennifer.welsh@sepa.org.uk
Mr George Murphy Employer


Full details of the Fund's governance arrangements are set out in its Governance Policy document which includes the statutory Governance Compliance Statement.

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